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iPhone, Requires iOS 13.0 or later.

iPad, Requires iPadOS 13.0 or later.

iPod touch, Requires iOS 13.0 or later.



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Pro (monthly) ₹ 419 Pro (annual, introductory) ₹ 2,699 Pro ₹ 419 Pro (annual) ₹ 4,499 Premium (6 months) ₹ 2,499 Pro (annual limited offer) ₹ 3,349 Premium (annual) ₹ 3,349

What's New: Announcing Docker support in a Cloud Container. All our Pro users can now operate databases and other Docker services (such as Minio (S3), Nginx, etc) in the same way you would on a PC – by using the docker command and incorporating these services into your code.

Detail: CodeSnack IDE is the first mobile IDE crafted specifically for mobile devices and tablets, unlocking the power of coding right at your fingertips. With fast and intuitive tools, CodeSnack IDE empowers you to create amazing programs, learn from a vast library of samples, and deploy real-world back-end and front-end apps within minutes — all for free.Whether you're an experienced coder or just starting out, CodeSnack IDE offers all the control and flexibility you need to create and customize projects without any compromise.Now integrated with GPT-4, CodeSnack IDE brings AI-enhanced development features to your mobile device:• AI-Generated Project Creation: Generate projects from text prompts• Smart Bug Detection & Fix Proposals: Find and fix issues effortlessly• Code Explanation: Understand the purpose and logic behind your code• Code-Specific Question Answering: Get answers to your coding queriesEverything you can do with CodeSnack IDE:* Write & run code like on a PC or Mac* Develop real Web and Mobile apps with React, Ionic, Capacitor, and React Native* Install dependencies using Linux terminal* Intelligent coding assistance, autocompletion, linting* Use any programming language* Utilize your favorite hardware keyboard and shortcuts* Debug program output, and see detailed error logs (in real-time)* Practice coding with 1000+ examples in our library* Sync your projects across all your devices* Deploy projects through SFTPAnd so much more!CodeSnack IDE supports 18 programming languages for versatile coding:- Java- Python- C- C++- C#- Dart- JavaScript- TypeScript- PHP- Shell- Swift- Ruby- Go- Kotlin- Lua- Haskell- Rust- ScalaQuick project templates to jumpstart your development:• React (Vite, TypeScript)• Vue (Vite, TypeScript)• Vanilla (Vite, TypeScript)• Preact (Vite, TypeScript)• Lit (Vite, TypeScript)• Svelte (Vite, TypeScript)• Ionic (React, Capacitor)• Ionic (React, Cordova)• Ionic (Angular, Capacitor)• Ionic (Angular, Cordova)• Ionic (Vue, Capacitor)• React Native (Expo)• Express (Node.js, TypeScript)• Express (Node.js, JavaScript)• Simple HTTP server (Python)• Django Web App (Python)• Simple HTTP server (Java)• Gradle (Java)• Blazor (C#)• Laravel (PHP)• Simple HTTP server (PHP)• WebSockets• WebAssembly (AssemblyScript)Pro Subscription benefits:* Compile and Run code up to 8x faster (2 vCPU, 1 GB Memory, 8 GB SSD, 3,000 Mbps Network)* Gain access to up to 500 AI assistant requests per month, powered by GPT-4 technology* Unlock in-app browser for Web and Mobile projects* Virtual keyboard customization* Upload code to your server using SFTP* Access all Examples in the Library* Access all Project Templates* Unlock 2 more color schemas for the code editorImportant Links:Terms Of Service: Policy: with the CodeSnack IDE community:Join our Discord Community server:

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