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What's New: [ + ] Swift&SwiftUI&Combine Tutorial

Detail: Leaflet helps you learn Swift/SwiftUI and Data Structure/Algorithms better.Leaflet has two main functions:【1】 Learn Swift/SwiftUI/CombineLearn Swift,SwiftUI+Combine Develop apps and learn Swift language tutorials to help you become a Swift language expert.【Swift】Swift one hour very simple micro class, quickly master the core knowledge points of Swift grammar【Swift Tutorial 】1. The Swift5 tutorial covers all the features of the language from the beginning to the end2. The Swift Code Style Guide helps you write more standardized code3.Swift design pattern practice4.Swift Algorithm Club Chinese version to learn data structure and algorithm analysis【Swift + SwiftUI + Combine】Learn more about Swift + SwiftUI + Combine to help you quickly start your application development journey and master reactive functional programming.Specific advantages of developing with Swift + SwiftUI + Combine:Simple and easy to learn: Swift is a simple and easy-to-learn language, SwiftUI is a declarative UI framework, and Combine is a functional responsive framework. The combination of these three allows developers to develop elegant applications quickly and efficiently.High performance: Swift is a high-performance language, and Combine is a high-performance framework. This set of tools allows developers to develop high-performance applications.Reliability: Both Swift and Combine are developed and maintained by Apple and have good reliability.Extensibility: Both Swift and Combine are extensible frameworks that can meet the various needs of developers.Data binding: SwiftUI provides powerful data binding functions to keep views and data synchronized. Combine's publisher-subscriber pattern allows developers to easily bind data to views.Asynchronous processing: Combine provides rich asynchronous processing functions, allowing developers to easily process asynchronous data.Event handling: Combine can be used to handle various events, such as user interaction, network requests, etc.Testing: Both Swift and Combine provide good testing support that can help developers improve the quality of their applications.Overall, Swift + SwiftUI + Combine is a powerful set of development tools that can help developers develop high-quality, high-performance, and reliable applications.[2] Use Swift language to learn algorithm knowledgeThe main knowledge contents of data structure and algorithm analysis include:Data structures: arrays, linked lists, trees, graphs, etc.Algorithms: sorting, search, graph search, etc.Algorithm analysis: algorithm complexity, algorithm performance, etc.Data structure and algorithm analysis are the foundation of computer science and the foundation of all computer programs. Mastering data structure and algorithm analysis can enable programmers to write programs more efficiently and improve program quality and performance.【 Solution 】The representative algorithm problems are selected, and the relevant data structures and algorithms are analyzed using Swift languagePart of the application is based on the open source protocol from the following open source libraries, Gratitude:https://github.com/raywenderlich/swift-algorithm-club , Algorithms and data structures in Swift, with explanations!https://github.com/andyRon/swift-algorithm-club-cn, swift - algorithm - the club's translation. Learn algorithms and data structures using Swift.

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