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iPhone, Requires iOS 15.0 or later.

iPad, Requires iPadOS 15.0 or later.

iPod touch, Requires iOS 15.0 or later.



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What's New: In this update:- Small improvements to enhance your experience.- Bug fixes for a smoother performance.Thank you for choosing Testeroni. Enjoy a seamless QA experience!

Detail: Unlock powerful QA tools! Seamlessly manage Deeplinks, conduct precise IDFA/IDFV testing, and capture flawless Screen Recordings. Elevate your testing game. Download now!Device Information: Collecting IDFA and IDFV, for testing ATT(AppTrackingTrancparacy) Retrieving local and public IP addresses Accessing public geolocation data Another device parameters Screen Recording Efficiency: Capture high-quality videos with minimal file sizes, perfect for comprehensive debugging and issue documentation. Deeplink Management: Store and seamlessly redirect deeplinks to target apps. Fetch server configurations for deeplinks with ease. Jira Integration: Seamlessly connecting to your Jira account for task and bug submissionGeolocation Insights: Retrieve both local and public IP addresses, as well as access detailed public geolocation data. You'll be prepared to explore ATT (App Tracking Transparency) with confidence.These features contribute to a powerful and efficient tool for QA specialists.Elevate your QA workflow with Testeroni, the ultimate iOS application tailored to empower QA specialists, managers, and developers in their mission for flawless software.Effortlessly gather and manage crucial device information with a simple tap, streamlining communication and collaboration across teams. No more tedious manual entries – Testeroni automatically compiles device details, saving you valuable time.But that's just the beginning. Seamlessly integrate your bug-tracking process with the Jira system. Create, manage, and track issues, tasks, and bugs directly from your mobile device. Whether it's a subtle glitch or a significant concern, Testeroni ensures your insights reach the right people at the right time.Craft detailed text descriptions and enhance them with visual context. Attach images, videos, and media files to provide crystal-clear documentation. Eliminate ambiguity and keep everyone on the same page, from QA to developers.With Testeroni, the power of efficient issue reporting lies in your hands. Revolutionize your QA experience – download Testeroni today and embark on a new era of seamless collaboration.These features contribute to a powerful and efficient tool for QA specialists.

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