How to Choose Your Bowling Target

A comprehensive guide to selecting the right bowling target

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Choosing the right bowling target is crucial for improving your accuracy and consistency. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced bowler, having a well-defined target can greatly enhance your game. Here are some steps to help you choose your bowling target:

1. Assess the Lane Conditions

Before selecting your target, it is important to consider the lane conditions. Factors such as oil pattern, lane surface, and humidity can affect the ball's trajectory. Observe the lane and make note of any patterns or changes in oil distribution. This information will help you determine where to aim.

Observing the lane conditions

2. Find a Reference Point

To consistently hit your target, it is helpful to have a reference point on the lane. Look for markings or arrows on the lane, usually found around the foul line. These markers can serve as a guide to align your shots. Experiment with different reference points to find the one that works best for you.

3. Determine the Break Point

The break point is the spot on the lane where your ball starts to change direction towards the pins. It is essential to identify the break point to adjust your target accordingly. Factors like ball speed, rev rate, and lane conditions influence the break point. Experiment with different angles and observe where your ball starts to hook.

4. Consider Pin Carry

Pin carry refers to how the pins react to your ball's impact. Ideally, you want your ball to hit the pocket consistently for maximum pin carry. Adjust your target based on the pins' reaction and make necessary changes to improve your pin carry percentage. It may require some trial and error to find the optimal target for each lane condition.

5. Practice and Adjust

Choosing the right bowling target is a continuous process of practice and adjustment. As you bowl more games, pay attention to the results of your shots and make necessary tweaks to your target. Remember, consistency is key, and finding the right target takes time and experience.